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Breathable Mesh Lumbar Support Belt

Breathable Mesh Lumbar Support Belt

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Size Chart:

S---Waist circumference: 60-80cm (24-32inch)

M---Waist circumference:80-100cm (32-39inch)

L---Waist circumference:100-120cm (39-47inch)

Please measure accordingly before ordering. Start by measuring at the belly button. 

 About this item:

1. Mesh durable lightweight breathable material

2. RIGID SUPPORT – 4 wide reinforced plastic bones that are rigid yet stretchy in the right places. Invisible back brace for lower back pain provides tons of lumbar support

3. NON-SWEATING THIN MATERIAL – Our brace is made of orthopedic material. Its breathable fabric and compare with neoprene it's not bulky and don't bunch up on belly

4. WIDE COMPRESSION – Two-layer elastic on the sides allows you to adjust compression across the back support brace width. Back brace for men lower back stabilizes your core, alleviate pain and speed up rehabilitation

5. PAIN PREVENTION and RELIEF – Our belt keeps your spine straight and safe. It fits snug. This lower back brace will return you to normal life, feel normal again and heal naturally

6. Feel Comfortable Sitting, Walking, Or Lifting. Compression is a key component for those trying to reduce their sciatica pain and discomfort. Although many individuals have symptoms occurring in the legs and buttock region, the underlying cause of the pain originates in your lumbar back region. This is why wearing a brace that applies such pressure and compression is vital.      

Great for :

✔ Muscular weakness of the back/abdominal muscles

✔ herniated disc

✔ sciatica

✔ back strains

✔ back sprains

✔ back muscle spasms

✔ back pain

✔ Lumbar Orthosis, Sagittal Control

✔ Reduces load on inter vertebral I disc (L1-L5)

✔ Lifting activities

✔ Posture control

✔ Osteoarthritis/Arthritis

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